To sustainably grow while making a meaningful difference in the lives of our employees and the success of our customers.

Our History

The journey began back in 1980 with George Haddad, a first-generation immigrant from Lebanon who, inspired by his passion for his Mediterranean roots and fueled by his unrelenting drive, established Handi Foods as the original source for quality pita bread in the greater Toronto area.

The cultures of the Mediterranean and Middle East are renowned for their hospitality and sharing, and food is central to this theme. Family and friends gather around a rich spread of delicious dishes brought together by pita – a versatile, soft flat bread that serves as a utensil to dip, or a wrap to stuff, or a surface to hold the topping of your choice. No wonder this bread has been a staple for over 4,000 years, bringing nourishment and fulfilment to every meal.

Today, more than forty years later, Handi Foods has transformed and inspired this traditional bread, into a host of quality, wholesome, baked snacks available in a variety of forms, textures and tastes. The love for the products we make and our commitment to the people who make them, remains as infectious today as it was when we were founded.

Be it crackers, chips, crisps or puffs, Handi Foods is well-positioned to provide the finest quality products under your brand anywhere in North America.

George Haddad

Snacking Done Right – The Handi Advantage

Handi Foods manufactures product for many of North America’s leading brands and private labels. We know that your brand is your promise and, through our fast-adapt business model, we help you fulfill that promise by developing and delivering meaningful innovation with speed, quality and reliability.

We take our responsibility to our customers seriously. When you engage with Handi Foods, you have full access to a multi-functional team of talented and experienced people eager and on hand to make your product development experience smooth, fast and rewarding. Your relationship may be with one or more functions of the company, be it sales, R&D, operations or QA, and we remain at your service throughout the process to develop and produce the innovative, quality products that your brand deserves.

Snacking Done Right
means you can rely on Handi Foods for:

  • The highest quality product
  • A simple and painless product development process
  • Responsible and competitive pricing
  • Proactive customer service

Our Values

Customer First

Our customers are central to our growth. The onus of earning our Customers trust and support requires the contribution of all functions, and we are tested in every interaction through the delivery of our products or services. We hold in high regard, the right of every customer to expect the best, and it must therefore be our collective endeavour never to disappoint.

Food Safety & Quality

A culture of safety must, without compromise, guide our conduct and the care that we commit to our people, our customers and their consumers in our operations every day. It is vital that through our actions we earn the patronage of our customers by consistently excelling in the delivery of quality products and services. We recognize that doing so requires good manufacturing practices, meticulous cost management and a timely responsiveness to changing customer expectations.

Openness & Inclusion

We believe a culture of warmth, openness and belonging where our people feel welcome and valued, promotes employee morale and builds a workplace that attracts and retains passionate and talented people. As our most valued asset, our people deserve that we strive to foster this culture throughout the organization.

Continuous Improvement

Our viability requires that we continually improve our skills, practices and employee engagement. The foundation of this is to enhance capability through formalized training and effective mentoring. We also believe that engagement and accountability can be enhanced through transparent communication and incentives that share the financial success of the organization.

Handi Sales Executives

We will work with you every step of the way

Our flexible and high-quality production capabilities are complemented by a sales team, knowledgeable in consumer trends and experienced in navigating product development projects through to completion in a cohesive manner. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly commercialize meaningful innovation in a fashion that is flexible and responsive to your needs. This team is supported by a dedicated customer service team which ensures proactive communication and timely product delivery.

Two state-of-the-art production facilities

Our two facilities in the Toronto area are BRC AA accredited and equipped to produce Kosher and Organic Certified products. Commitment to ongoing building, equipment and technology upgrades ensures our facilities have the capability and capacity to meet the growing demand for our products. These investments, complemented by continuous improvement practices rigorously pursued in both facilities, have grown Handi Foods into a snacking leader across North America.

Handi Foods Safety and Quality Logos

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