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We produce a wide range of pita-based crackers and snacks, all inspired by the traditional pita bread, for our customers and their consumers.

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Handi Foods is a manufacturer of a wide variety of crackers and better-for-you snacks for retailers and top-tier brands across North America. With growing demand for our products, we enjoy supply arrangements with retailers representing more than 70% of the North American marketplace including traditional grocery, mass and discount formats. Our growth is driven by our fast-adapt business model whereby we identify and commercialize meaningful product innovation in a nimble, flexible and speedy fashion.

Our products align closely with the growing demand for healthy snacking alternatives and include crackers, chips and crisps in a wide variety of standard and ethnic flavours. While we have a full offering of standard products, our flexible manufacturing capabilities also enable us to tailor our formulas to meet your specific needs.

Artisanal Cracker

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing our customers and consumers with safe, authentic, great tasting food, consistently meeting specifications as well as statutory and regulatory requirements for food safety, legality and quality.

Our commitment is to bring consistency to our food safety and quality practices through ongoing staff training and equipment upgrades as required. Our commitment is never to compromise on the food safety, compliance and quality of our products. This requires everybody to be engaged, understand their responsibilities and be empowered to take action in order to protect our customers and your brands.

Programs & Certifications

Handi foods is proud to be certified with a distinguished AA rating under British Retail Consortium (BRC) at both our manufacturing facilities.

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Our Story

Handi Foods is our family business, inspired by heritage and a life-long relationship with the food of our homeland. The journey began back in 1980 with George Haddad, a first-generation immigrant from Lebanon and inspired by his passion for his Mediterranean roots, established Handi Foods as the original source for quality pita bread in the greater Toronto area.

More than 40 years later, George’s love for the products we make and his commitment to the people who make them, remain as infectious as it was decades ago. It is George’s honesty, humility and work-ethic that has been fundamental to the company’s success and remains the foundation on which we operate. At our core, we strive to do the right thing – always – and what is ultimately most important to us is to always be recognized for our integrity and dependability.

Today, Handi Foods , a Canadian family-owned and independently operated company, has transformed and inspired the traditional pita bread, into a host of quality, wholesome, baked pita snacks available in a variety of forms, textures and tastes. Be it crackers, puffs, chips or crisps, Handi Foods is well-positioned to provide the finest quality products under your brand anywhere in North America.

Responsible Sourcing & Recycling

We are proud members of the Partners in Project Green community, a collaboration initiated by Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Toronto and Region Conservation, dedicated to creating the largest eco-business zone in the world.

As a member of Partners in Project Green, our organization commits to working toward achieving the vision of building an internationally-recognized region known for its competitive, high performance, and eco-friendly business climate.

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