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Bread Products
bullet GMO Free
bullet Retardation up to 24 hours
bullet Thaw & Sell, Raw Dough, Retarder to Oven, Packaged, Pre-Sliced, individually wrapped.
bullet Varieties from white, wheat, savory, whole grain, multigrain, seasoned.
bullet Thin, regular, thick, oval, hand stretched, bun, pocket, pocket-less flatbread
bullet Custom size, weight and thickness
bullet Conventional or unique die cut shapes and sizes

Pita Pockets

  • Broad range made in the thinner authentic Middle Eastern Style to Thicker styles.
  • Capable of any custom piece ranging from a diameter of 2.5" 12" and weight from 8 to 250g.
  • Pockets are soft and pliable and also great for restaurants. Baking ranges from 400F to 1000F for varying tastes and textures.
  • Frozen pita pucks which can be thawed out, panned and baked on location.


  • We have several varieties of flatbreads which can be made in most custom sizes & shapes (firm & flexible).


  • Made with various weights and range in diameter from 5 inch to 10 inch circular shapes. Sprayed with any oil for taste, texture or nutritional offering. (Canola, olive, sunflower etc. oils).
  • Soft and pliable and also great for restaurants. Range in thickness from 1/8 "to 0.75"


  • Authentic hand stretched, conventional round, oval or rectangular.
  • Made in various varieties such as original, whole wheat, multigrain, Shalimar and Kulcha or most savory flavors.

NEW Piadina

  • Very pliable made with flour, olive oil, salt and water. Circular in shape.
  • Baked in metal plate ovens which simulates frying. Soft, pliable and rollable.

Pizza Crusts

  • Various thicknesses, shapes and sizes. Round Diameters from 5"to 10" ; square or rectangular in most sizes.
  • Hand Stretched Optional. Conventional or stress free open structure product.
  • Various varieties white, whole wheat, whole grain, inclusions, etc. Foccacia Bread: Made on a stress free line in sheet format.
  • Optional full slabs or Rectangular cuts in varying sizes. Optional round diameters 2" and up die cut.

Bagels & Thin Buns

  • Thin Buns and Breakfast varieties.
  • Pre-sliced or unsliced.
  • Diameter is 4" or die cut to a desired size
  • White, Wheat, Multigrain or special blends with optional natural fruit or flavor inclusions.
Snack Products
bullet GMO Free
bullet All natural ingredients or clean label or as required.
bullet Packaging: Form-fill-seal, gusseted resealable, boxed, bulk.
bullet Varieties from white, wheat, savory, whole grain, multigrain, seasoned, vegetable, fruit.
bullet Thin, regular, thick, square, rectangular, round, custom die-cut shapes.
bullet Package sizes can vary from less than 1 oz to over 2 lbs.
bullet Packaging film can be foil or any extruded clear film printed or unprinted.

Pita Chips

  • Double Baked
  • Round thin chips, rectangular thicker chips
  • Die cut to most shapes
  • Select seasoning whether in or on the product.

Ring-Shaped Snacks

  • Light and crunchy double baked rings.
  • Select seasoning in or on the product.

Pita Puffs

  • Crispy double baked small pita pillows.
  • Dried and seasoned.
  • Great for snacks or croutons.


  • Both yeast and soda based.
  • Select seasoning in or on the product.

Bread Crisps

  • Take any bread and slice and/or die cut to size and shape, then double baked and seasoned.


  • Yeast or soda based, can be round, rectangular or die cut for unique shapes.
  • Any variety or flavor with seasoning options both in and on the product.


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