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Our founder, George Haddad has a history steeped in tradition. Born in the Lebanon, George immigrated to Canada, bringing with him the staple bread of the middle east. True to his beliefs and commitment to authentic quality, in 1977 he founded Handi Foods (Mediterranean Bakery) with a passion to produce his authentic pita products.

Our Mission Statement:
"We want to be Handi to everyone."

Handi is the umbrella brand for our strong sub-brands Pita Gourmet, Mr. Pita, Pita Puffs, Pita Bagel, Thinwich, Piadina, Donut Crisps. We operate two production facilities in Toronto, Ontario.

At our Norelco plant we installed a 6th line for pita products, flatbreads, bagels and pizza crusts.

Our Fenmar facility produces pita chips, puffs, bread crisps & crackers.

We continue to increase our capacity year over year with plans for a new operation in the near future.

Kosher Certification: Kashruth Council of Toronto (COR) & United Orthodox Union (OU)

Quality Assurance: Both of our facilities are audited by QMI and have achieved a BRC "A" rating.

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